Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A peak into the kitchen

Here's an in-progress kitchen. The crown molding, light rail and some of the other items will be installed tomorrow. My appliances are suppose to be delivered the end of the week and the granite templated beginning of next week. The cabinets are darker than I remembered - I'm very happy with that. I thought I picked lighter cherry becaue I believed it was going to be a dungeon with all the cabinets at one end and the windows at the other. As you can see it's still pretty bright in there.

This is the view from the dining room (the doorway is framing the picture on each side). I'm a little worried on my white frig - originally it was a cabinet away from my farmhouse sink - but not now. It's closer to my red and stainless stove

From the end of the island looking towards the mudroom and the "sandwich" area - the step down part of the kitchen in front of the stairs to the basement. This is where we're going to store food and items to make the kids lunches. It's also near the frig. The kitchen chandeliers on sitting on the island. The vent is so high because the 160K+ btu stove requires the wood hood to be a minimum 36" above the stove. We have a 1600 CFM vent - John says it's going to suck out all the air in the house. I hope I don't have to run it on high. That pipe over the cabinets will go away - right now it's supplying us gas to our 2nd floor stove. This kids still want to eat.

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