Wednesday, February 24, 2010

more kitchen

Crown molding, light rail and working lights have been added (but more to go). Appliances are being delivered on Monday and granite templating same day. Our main staircase should be finished tomorrow. We're moving along.

The schoolhouse fixture in the area outside the pantry
Looking west towards the mudroom door.

This doorway goes into the dining room

My pullout spice drawer. I will use it for oils and spices and keep most of that stuff off the counter tops. I'll probably take out the 2nd from the bottom shelf so my oil bottles will fit.

some of the undercabinet lights have been installed. We will have above cabinet lights - probably just rope lights for now. There's an outlet at the top of each cabinet run.

In the pantry looking into the half bath. The school house fixtures seem a little large to me but I wanted adequate light. The one in the pantry has a 150W bulb and the other one has 100W (but can accept 150W). The items on the top right are the "extra" switches. For the home automation system every light has to have an individual switch. That's 15+ switches just for the kitchen. We don't want that many on the walls so the extras go here in the pantry. For instance, every under counter light can be individually controlled. We will have a button to turn them all on or off not 7 individual switches.

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