Monday, March 15, 2010

A peak at the granite

Granite was installed today but they will be back tomorrow to complete installation. The 2nd floor bathroom will be done in a few more days. We got over 10" of rain and 3 chimneys are leaking - two in the attic and the 3rd has a HUGE water spot on the new dining room plastered wall.

In the rain 3 guys carrying in the 800 lb island.

Here's a peak at the red range and the island.

The half bath sink off the kitchen. We're buying a maple door - but John built the cabinet. I wanted a very small vanity and could not find anything. The granite is black galaxy with copper sparkles. The granite sink is a bit more coppery than it appears in this picture. The granite slab is great with the sink. Trim woodwork will be painted white and the door will be left natural with polyuerthane coating.

A view of the island looking west.

The "sandwich" area just outside the basement steps.

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