Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A big hole in the ground

Here are some in process pictures of the pool. I am so impressed with the back hoe drivers. John (left) with our pool rep - Andrews pools.
Framing out the pool - it's roughly 41' x 28' in an L shape. Because of setbacks the smallest width is approx 11' by the entrance stairs and then it gets wider.

Pool equipement will go behind the garage next to the AC units.
Hayden came over to watch the backhoe and dump truck. What a wonderful outing for a 3 year old boy. He cannot wait for the pool. It was only 90 and humid today. They said about 6 weeks to the finished pool.

Digging the trench for the equipment pipes from the back of the garage to the pool. This is the view from the kitchen. The bluestone patio will be out this door.
Kim and Jacob in the shade

Day 2 - pool dug and spreading final rocks at bottom of pool. Adding a dry well for 3 downspouts to keep water away from pool and our foundation. One downspout occasionaly gave us a small puddle in the basement. Hopefully this will not happend anymore.
View from the kitchen window. The shallow end wraps around the house to the right. Most of the pool is 3' to 4.5' for games (volleyball, basketball, etc.) A small deep end at the far end.
Other end of pool - shallow end (about 16") for the little ones. In the far right corner is 6.5' .

View from the side dining room window.

View straight out the dining room. Bluestone patio will be behind kitchen on left - garden with path to pool here and pool to the right.

View from the kitchen window where the table will be located.

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