Friday, May 7, 2010

Paint colors

Potential Paint colors for Eden Ave – I will use Benjamin Moore white dove on trim. I bought pints of each paint and will try in each room. I will live with it a few days before deciding on a color. There's more rooms to paint besides these. Lauren wants pink and purple, Sean wants blue plus the hallways and a few others.

My monitor doesn't represent the true colors but you get an idea. I love saturated color! Some of the sample colors have writing thru the center - just ignore that.

A bit more orangy – looks better with the red from the dining room. Benjamin Moore™ 2155-50 Suntan Yellow
Benjamin Moore™ HC-4 Hawthorne Yellow
Dining room colors
This sure doesn’t look red on my computer. Benjamin Moore™ 2078-10 Roseate
Benjamin Moore™ 2079-10 Candy Cane Red
This looked more red in real life . Benjamin Moore™ 2080-20 Confederate Red

2nd floor bath – will choose 2 colors including an accent wall (sink/toilet wall)
Benjamin Moore™ 2059-40 Yosemite Blue
Benjamin Moore™ 2059-50 Pool Party
Benjamin Moore™ 2059-60 Splash
Benjamin Moore™ 2060-40 Toronto Blue
Benjamin Moore™ 2060-50 Cayman Blue

Mudroom – possibly 2 colors
Benjamin Moore™ 2062-40 Blue Daisy
Benjamin Moore™ 2062-50 Blue Jean
Benjamin Moore™ 2062-60 Blue Hydrangea
Benjamin Moore™ HC-152 Whipple Blue
Benjamin Moore™ HC-153 Marlboro Blue

The problem bath – the cool granite modern sink with the claw foot tub; one will go on wall, the other on the tub
Benjamin Moore™ HC-169 Coventry Gray
Benjamin Moore™ HC-170 Stonington Gray
Benjamin Moore™ HC-171 Wickham Gray

Benjamin Moore™ HC-128 Clearspring Green
this was the front runner
Benjamin Moore™ HC-129 Southfield Green
Benjamin Moore™ HC-132 Harrisburg Green
Our present office is close to an above clearspring green plus this (which is in the running) Benjamin Moore™ HC-6 Windham Cream

Sitting room
Below chair rail in sitting room -Benjamin Moore™ 2070-50 Enchanted

above chair rail - This looks more lavender in real life. Benjamin Moore™ 2070-60 Lavender Mist

Half bath – more intense in bath; Benjamin Moore™ 2067-40 Blue Lapis

TV room – was more red in real life; Benjamin Moore™ 2079-20 Blushing Red. May switch to a blue

Still missing music room, billiard room and all the hallways. Probably something calming and light in the hallways to tie in the rooms.

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  1. I was wondering how the house was progressing, glad for the update!! Love all the color selections. I think you have to see it in person on the walls to really pick the right one. Can't wait to see everything when it's all done!!