Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Found a fireplace

September 23, 2009

Well, we knew there was probably a fireplace in the wall in the room under Sean's bedroom. This will be our billiard room. Our contractor took a look and low and behold - there it was. It was bricked up. I think the old furnace was vented thru here. (the other fireplace on this floor is bricked up too but we will open it for a gas insert.) Our furnace and the new 1st floor furnace will be vented directly outside. The fireplace has a brick face - not plaster. Mike thinks this is how it was originally. This is very different from the others. Maybe this is where the original kitchen was located? We're going to expose this fireplace - do we leave the brick exposed too or plaster it up? We need a mantle also.
Here's the fireplace in the TV room. We will open this up, put in a flue and add a gas insert. This is a marble mantle,
Another marble fireplace - this one will be in the sitting room. We will only use candles in it.A close up of this fireplace.The 4th firplace on this floor. The marble mantle is painted - I need to figure how to get the paint off and not ruin the stone underneath. Any suggestions?

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  1. leave the brick exposed - so it's to its original fireplace as possible.