Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Granite and kitchen layout

Granite - I wanted a "WOW" granite. I visited over 10 granite yards multiple times and was contantly pulled towards Typhoon Bordeaux. I wanted some red, lots of movement and not too dark. Here's a picture of our slab (we have two). We picked it out on my way to the airport to Ireland for 10 days.

Kitchen - I've been thinking about it a long time. Here's a "before" picure. I worked with my architect, got some suggestions from a few kitchen designers and then the final configuration from Garden Web people. I'm very happy with it. We will have a 48" red Blue Star 6 burner plus grill range, 2 dishwashers, 30" farmhouse sink, prep sink in the island, french door frig and an undercounter frig. I also have a big walk in pantry. We have a big island, built in benches around table and a lunch/sandwich area to the right of the frig. I was worry that it would be dark because all the cabinets are at the end with no windows but it isn't the case. (Click on the diagram and it will be larger).

If you have any recommendations I'm all ears. I hope to order cabinets this week or next. I'm getting Cabico cherry cabinets in a natural stain. I'm not sure what color. I also want a red stove. I was looking at the top color on the left, top 2 colors in the middle and bottom color on the right. I love the last color but it's "too" red and doesn't go with the granite as well as the others. The 1st one was the best "match" but too brown for me. I'm going with the top color in the middle.

Next I have to pick out a cabinet stain. This was my 2nd round of choices out of 30+ stains. I love the dark one but the red stove gets lost in it and the white refrigerator will look too stark. We already bought the frig since ours died last May.

I then narrowed it down to these 3. Which do you like?

Here they are in the kitchen.

Here are the cabinets in the dining room on the natural oak floor. I'm hoping to have the same in the kitchen. The only "catch" is if I go with reclaimed wood - not sure what that would be or look like.


  1. I like the red you picked, very vibrant. I think it goes well with a dark rich wood color the darker the better BUT i agree with you that the white fridge will stand out too much unless you add a lot more white to your kitchen. All though the granite goes better with the medium brown wood. The granite is not dark so that will also help the fridge from standing out.

  2. Sorry to mess up the vote, but I like the lightest cabinet... I think it's rich enough to balance both the granite (which is GORGEOUS!) and the stove (LOVE the RED!) but not too stark against the white fridge. Of course, it's hard to tell from the pics, so maybe somebody there knows best! This is so fun - thanks for including us! Will the floor be wood? That would affect my cabinet choice - I think you need a little contrast between cabs and floor.
    Love, Suzie

  3. This must be the "Sue" comment page.... I like the middle top red, the left-bottom red, and the medium color cabinets. The paint I wouldn't worry about as much since if you don't like it, its easy enough to change. You could also do an accent wall in the red and another color if you are worried about it getting too dark. I would make sure you pick the cabinets you like since those aren't easy to change. The working area works well, and I LOVE the walk in pantry (having pantry envy right now). Make sure you have an electrical outlet on that island. I wouldn't base anything off the fridge... You can always retire the fridge to the garage/basement in 5 years or so....