Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gutted 1st floor kitchen

The kitchen morphed into a shell over time. This 1st picture is the east wall down to the studs. This wall be removed and a new frame will be built 8 feet further into the backyard.

This corner had the old stove. We think this addition is between 1840 - 1860. Notice the vent for the stove that went into the chimney. We decided to keep the half brick wall and the brick on the floor. Some of it will be covered by the new cabinets and stove.

Framing is going up on the back side of the east wall. Part of the wall is being removed.

The new kitchen addition waiting for windows and door.The gutted kitchen looking west. The wall to the left of the door will hold 2 cabinets and my stove.Windows and door are in. I was afraid there wasn't going to be enough natural light - but I was wrong.

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