Friday, January 29, 2010

In process pictures

I definitely need more in process pictures. Here's the kitchen with the new addition. A lot more light than I thought. The kitchen table with built in bench will go under the back windows and 1.5 windows on the right.

Kim and Jeremy taking the in-process tour and looking at the kitchen layout on the wall. Kim's due early March. This is the other side of the kitchen. The pipe in the wall will go but we're using it now for our gas stove on the 2nd floor kitchen. The 2 dishwashers and sink is on this wall. To the right thru the doorway is our "sandwich" area where we will make the kids lunch. Past that is our mudroom.

Our future dining room. The wire in the ceiling is for the future speakers. Past the window is a staging area for re-use: doors, trim, etc. It will be our future office.

The sitting room. Pink insulation is in the windows because the windows only have storms here. John and I are reglazing and painting those windows - about 22 6 over 6 windows!

Jeremy looking into Sean's room. Taking the stairs for the last time. Jeremy's head is in Sean's closet. The floor will be extended and we will have a hall linen closet and a walk in closet for Sean.

From the old stairs looking into our future TV room.

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