Friday, January 29, 2010

living in a construction zone

We're trying to keep the dust down to a minimum - but it's difficult. Our wine bottles look like they have been aged in the cellar.

We do take the "dust covers" off at night so we can use the the living room.

The 1st morning the kids were trying to watch TV thru the plastic.
Our contractor moved one pantry window to where our door to the roof of the garage was located. That area (roof entrance) was removed so that the 1600 cfm stove vent had space on the side of the house. (Our grill is still on the roof - the contractor forgot to bring it down before the door went away. The will carry it down the ladder.) They also had to center the other pantry window on the street side. Our dryer is located in the kitchen with the water cooler and everything else on shelves in the pantry (moved to the kitchen table). Our washer was in the mess too. Our friends Mike and Liz spent the weekend with us in this disarray.

Here's the old window opening that will be a wall in the guest suite shower (phase II when we have more money).

The temporary wall in our hallway between Sean's room and the bathroom and the rest of the house. It was closed up for most of the time but today it came down. It helped keep dust to a reasonable minimum.
Our dining room. We move the sheets every day so we can eat here. You can't see the kitchen table - it's covered with "stuff".

The office in session. If it's really dusty everything's covered and I'm not on the computer.

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