Sunday, January 31, 2010

More in process pics

Here are more pictures as of 1/30/10. The is the new kitchen addition. Wood floors are going in next week and cabinets the following week. We're moving along.

In the kitchen near the dining room looking towards the pantry entrance and half bath. French door to back patio.
West wall of dining room. The door was moved from the far right to the present position. When they took down the plaster there was a door frame just a few inches to the right of the present door. Our side table wouldn't fit between the door and the built in cabinet so we had them move it a few inches.
Dining room looking east. Doorway on left to kitchen. Not much done here except removed wall paper, widen doorway to kitchen a few inches and put in a transom above the doorway.

Picture taken from sitting room into dining room (and kitchen). The marble fireplace is painted. Another project for me - stripping the paint off of the fireplace.
Sitting room - mainly a staging area now.

Picture taken from the TV room thru the foyer (and hall closet) into sitting room. The main doorway entrance is to the right.
TV room looking into the foyer. This pic was taken standing by our old front door.
TV room taken from the foyer. This is our old front door. The stairs were removed last week. We think they MAY have been the original framed staircase and moved to this position. The staircase frame butting against the wall was painted. They would not have painted it unless it was exposed. This frame may have been the stairs that were originally in the foyer to the 2nd floor. (Or maybe it came from another house?) When converting into a 2 family they reused as much wood, doors, trim, etc. as possible.
We're also installing a gas fireplace insert. The metal tube in the fireplace is from the old heating system. The old heating system has been replaced with a forced hot air and vented outside thru a window in the basement. Also installed central air on the 1st floor. We now have 4 zones in the house.
The future billiard room.

This picture was taken from the 1st floor full bath. The door to the right leads into the foyer and the main entrance. The stairs will be our main stairway to the 2nd floor.

So in the TV room we removed some of the paint from the woodwork. I was hoping for mahogany or black walnut. John was hoping for junk wood. Well, it's pine, oak and other stuff. It's hard to see in these photos but there's 2 or 3 types of wood used on this paneling. It was never meant to be exposed. John's very happy - less work for us - we only have to paint it.

a close up
Here's the tile in the mudroom just layed - no grout yet.

Here's the ungrouted tile in the half bath 4 x 4.

Same tiles as half bath but 6 x 6 ungrouted tile in the 1st floor full bath. The tub will go against the far wall, the toilet next and a pedestal sink closest to the door.

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