Friday, January 29, 2010

Let there be stairs!

First they had to take out the old hallway closet. This was holding up the stairs to the 3rd floor. Only 2 times (so far) the contractors have sworn during the renovations. This was one and the other was trying to get out 150+ year old pipes in the wall - in the latter they had to make extra holes in the 3rd floor to take them out.

The stairs to the 3rd floor were built for a storage attic in the 1910's. Those stairs would be used maybe twice a year. They were minimally built. We finished half the attic with a playroom and bath 5 years ago and use the stairs many times daily. The closet walls supported the stairs. With them gone Mike had to now improve the stair supports dramatically. Things came to a halt while ideas were thrown about and the architect called. I wanted to take a quick shower so they held up some support beams under the stairs and told me to jump the last stair. I was worried that we couldn't access the only bathroom on the 3rd floor and would had to stay at a hotel. They put in some more supports for the night. The next day Mike came up with a plan and they reinforced the stairs. I have been really impressed with Mike and safety. We have a sturctural engineer on this job and Mike provides even more support than suggested. Generally this house is built like a fortress and is not going anywhere.

They then broke threw our floor to install the new stairs this week. Here's Bruno working on it with Mike our contractor. They had to cut through a 10" x 10" main support beam. Now the dust has begun!

They clean up each night but this is the hallway between the living room and our bedroom and only working bathroom on the 3rd floor. We track dust everywhere.

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